Single Occupancy Restrooms To Be Marked Gender-Neutral Under New Law

Sarah Mirk / CC BY-SA 4.0

JAMESTOWN – Single use occupancy bathrooms in and around the Jamestown area will soon be required to sport new signage designating the restroom as gender-neutral.

In December, New York’s Governor signed a bill amending the State’s Civil Rights and Education Law, deeming all single-occupancy lavatories located in public places, including schools, restaurants, bars, and other establishments, as gender-neutral.

Among organizations preparing for the change, is Jamestown Public Schools, who are now converting their single-occupancy restrooms from “male” or “female.”

“In the schools, this applies to any single-occupancy bathrooms designated for staff use only, as well as any that may be designated for student use,” said the district’s Communications Coordinator Cathy Panebianco in a statement. “This does not apply to the group bathrooms in the schools, they are still designated male or female.”

According to the law, the signage must be posted by March 23 and be Americans with Disabilities Act compliant.


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