White House: Biden ‘100% Fine’ After Tripping While Boarding Air Force One

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WASHINGTON – The White House says President Biden is “100 percent fine” after he tripped boarding Air Force One.

The President stumbled as he climbed the steps onto the plane in Washington on Friday.

Biden appeared to trip but got right back up, but then he tripped a second time, and paused for a moment before making it all the way upstairs.

Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre says Biden is fine. She says it was windy outside, and that she too almost fell coming up the steps herself.

The plane was heading to Atlanta. Jean-Pierre wouldn’t say if Biden hurt the foot that he fractured in November, while playing with his dog.


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  1. So how long until we can honestly and openly say “President Harris” (even tho in the Democratic Presidential Primaries, she was only polling at less than 1%, in her own party) ??

    My original bet wasn’t until next year, but….. I’m starting to think I might lose this one

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