New York State Police Investigating Officer Involved Shooting In Olean

via Tony Webster / CC BY 2.0

OLEAN – New York State Police investigators are probing an officer involved shooting in Olean.

The State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigation squad was called by the Olean Police Department to lead the investigation after one of their officers fired their weapon during a pursuit and attempted traffic stop on Sunday morning.

Officials say the suspect being pursued ended up crashing their vehicle in Olean’s War Veterans Park off East State Street around 3:30 a.m.

State Police say an active criminal investigation is ongoing and no further information will be provided at this time.

It is unclear if the suspect was hit by gunfire or simply shots were discharged by the officer.


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  1. Why aren’t you reporting the full story? Just trying to figure out how to spin the narrative to racism..?? Spoiler… it’s not…

    How come I know the full story, and you won’t report it?

    Cheat Sheet:

    Two girls (one known in town as an alleged cocaine dealer, SHE was being watched) 3:30 am, fled to outrun the cops, fired at cops, the cops returned fire, girl got shot in chest, both flown to ECMC.

    Don’t feel bad for the drug dealer selling cocaine, firing at cops….. Do the crime, do the time !!

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