Lawmakers Call For Governor To Provide Financial Relief To Tenants, Landlords

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ALBANY – Dozens of New York lawmakers are calling on the State’s Governor to provide financial relief to tenants and landlords statewide.

State Senate Minority Leader Rob Ortt says the statewide moratorium that doesn’t allow tenants to be evicted for not paying their rent is set to expire on May 1.

The regulation also doesn’t allow banks to force landlords into foreclosure.

Ortt, along with several of his Republican colleagues, say when the order moratorium expires both landlords and their tenants could be out on the streets.

“This should be easy we’re talking a 200 plus million-dollar budget. Raising taxes to levels never before seen,” said Ortt. “But we can’t seem to talk about getting money into the hands of tenants, small business landlords that need that relief more than ever. I think this shows here that the priorities are out of whack, to say the least.”

The Senator says more than a dozen states, including California, have already enacted some sort of legislation that provides relief to tenants and landlords.


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