Majority Of Lake Residents In Favor Of Forming Chautauqua Lake District

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CHAUTAUQUA LAKE – Over 60 percent of people living along Chautauqua Lake say they are in favor of forming a special district to help manage the county’s natural resource.

The Chautauqua Lake Protection and Rehabilitation Agency announced results of an online survey during their meeting last week.

The survey garnered responses from over 1,500 people with nearly three quarters of respondents owning property with access to the body of water.

The majority of those polled, county leaders say, support for the formation a Chautauqua Lake District.

The agency was tasked with evaluating lake protection and rehabilitation needs, making final recommendations to the County Legislature.

The end goal, officials say, is to improve the health and use of the lake.

“We would proceed to develop the work plan for the lake district, when we make a recommendation to the county legislature, which would then have go to the State Comptroller, we have to have a work plan that says: here is what we would do, here is how we would do it, here’s is how we would spend the money that was raised, here’s how the lake district would be governed,” explained Pierre Chagnon, Chairman of the Agency. “Those type of issues that we’ve talked about over the months.”

A full summary of the survey results is posted online at the County Department of Planning and Development’s website,


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