Borrello’s Bill Aims To Stop Offshore Wind Turbine Construction On Lake Erie

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LAKE ERIE – New York State Senator George Borrello is pushing legislation to stop the construction of offshore wind turbines in freshwater lakes across New York.

Borrello introduced the legislation this week that aims to protect the ecology of freshwater lakes and clean water supplies.

He says construction along Lake Erie specifically may cause adverse health impacts.

“Lake Erie’s lakebed sediment contains hazardous contamination from New York’s industrial past,” said Borrello. “It’s safe as long as it isn’t disturbed. Excavating the lake bottom and pouring millions of tons of concrete into the lake along with metal, fiber glass and toxic chemicals for the construction of industrial wind turbines will no doubt threaten our drinking water supply and the ecological balance of the lake.”

More than 11 million people rely on Lake Erie for their drinking water.

The Senator says evidence suggests that wind patterns generated by turbines also have the potential to spread pools of toxic algae through larger portions of the lake, and the constant vibration from wind turbines could negatively impact our commercial and recreational fishing.

“These projects won’t benefit the communities where they would be located in any way, they will only harm them,” Borrello furthered. “Upstate already has 88 percent zero-emission electricity generation. We are already green! The industrialization of our lakes is designed to benefit the New York City area, where more than 70 percent of the electricity is generated from fossil fuels.”

Borrello’s wind turbine moratorium bill is now under review by the Senate’s Environmental Conservation Committee.


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