State Lawmakers Continue Push To Expand Electric Vehicle Accessibility

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ALBANY – As gas prices climb in some areas of the nation, a group of liberal lawmakers in New York are pushing a bill to get more electric vehicles on the roadways.

Senator Todd Kaminsky is leading the effort to make it easier for customers to have access to electric vehicles across the state.

He says there is currently a cap on “direct sales locations” for electric vehicles.

“Allowing zero emission vehicle manufacturers to have direct sales will exponentially increase the amount of zero emission vehicles on the road,” said Kaminsky.

There is already a bill that has passed the legislature, requiring all new car sales to be zero emissions by 2035.

As Democrats push for more options to purchase electric vehicles, Republicans are calling on the Governor to suspend the gas tax following the shutdown of the Colonial Pipeline resulting from a ransomware attack.

“New York’s gas tax is among the highest in the nation, and we implore you to suspend the gas tax immediately to provide much-needed relief to New York families and businesses,” said Senate Republican Leader Rob Ortt in a statement.


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  1. Never forget these cars need electricity to be powered, they get that electricity from coal.

    The lithium batteries come from dirty mines in Africa, produced by non-green-compliant China ( a major polluter in this world).

    You want to save the earth, STOP DRIVING … PERIOD, the Amish do just fine without cars…

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