National Comedy Center Announces ‘Summer Fun Weeks’ Lineup

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JAMESTOWN – The National Comedy Center in Jamestown has announced its summer lineup, featuring a different genre of comedy each week.

Starting June 20 and running through August 7, the center’s new program, ‘Summer Fun Weeks’, will highlight a special type of comedy each week, ranging from slapstick to cartooning and animation.

Summer Fun Weeks at the National Comedy Center

Buddy Comedy  June 20 – June 26

From Laurel & Hardy to Cheech & Chong to Wayne’s World, the buddy comedy is one of our most enduring and beloved comedic formulas. This week we celebrate our favorite friends-on-a-mission.

Comedy in the Workplace  June 27 – July 3

From The Office and 30 Rock, to Cheers and M*A*S*H, workplace humor has been at the center of some of the most revered films and television shows of all time. Play hooky this week and spend time with your favorite comedy coworkers.

The Healing Power of Comedy  July 4 – July 10

It’s intuitive: Laughter makes us feel better. Now more than ever, let’s tap into comedy’s incredible power to uplift us, foster empathy, and boost our emotional health.

Animation & Cartooning  July 11 – July 17

Cartoons make us laugh, feel, think, and come together, carrying an appeal that spans generations. Join us in celebrating the animated films, comic strips, and cartoons that have been a mainstay of our comedy heritage for over a century.

Slapstick Comedy  July 18 – July 24

What is it about falling down, getting bonked, or taking a pie in the face that is so reliably funny? Visit us this week to explore the art of slapstick comedy–from the silent film era to today’s most beloved blockbusters.

Legends of Comedy  July 25 – July 31

Comedy is a vital art form that shapes the world we live in. This week, we celebrate legendary comedic voices from Richard Pryor to Joan Rivers that have opened our minds, spoken truth to power, and changed the course of history.

We Love Lucy & Desi  August 1 – August 7

Since its debut in 1951, I Love Lucy has bought joy and inspiration to millions. Join us as we celebrate the 70th anniversary of “I Love Lucy” and the 25th anniversary of the Lucy Desi Museum and honor the legacies of two pioneering American innovators.

Each week will culminate with a free outdoor comedy movie during the Comedy Center’s ‘Riverside Saturday’ event at Comedy Center Park.

Free movies, music and More at Comedy Center Park

Date Weekly Theme Movie Showing 8:45 pm Performances 7:00-8:45 pm
June 26 Buddy Comedy Wayne’s World The Untouchables
July 3 Comedy in the Workplace Groundhog Day
July 10 Healing Power of Comedy Sister Act
July 17 Animation and Cartooning Monsters Inc Nels Ross Family Comedy Show (7-8)
July 24 Slapstick Comedy Airplane St. Vith
July 31 Legends of Comedy Blues Brothers Uptown Fever
August 7 We Love Lucy & Desi Classic Lucy & Desi For the People

“We all need laughter now more than ever, so we are thrilled to introduce our ‘Summer Fun Weeks,’ activities and events throughout the summer, which will provide something extra for all our visitors as we celebrate many of the greatest comedy genres, themes and talent of all time,” said National Comedy Center executive director Journey Gunderson. “A high point each week will be our ‘Riverside Saturday’ celebrations at Comedy Center Park, featuring activities for the family, a new outdoor patio café/bar and free comedy movies on large outdoor screens.”

The alternative programing is in place of the traditional Lucille Ball Comedy Festival, which due to gathering concerns, has been postponed to 2022.

Shows featuring Comedians Jeff Foxworthy, Legends of SNL: David Spade, Kevin Nealon and Rob Schneider have been rescheduled.

“While we are heading in the right direction on the COVID front, the festival takes months of lead time to present,” said Gunderson. “The reality is that with thousands of ticket buyers coming from nearly all 50 states and having to make travel plans, and with dozens of artists, agencies and venues involved, we had to make the call now on rescheduling the shows, given existing guidelines for indoor performance venues that seat 50 to 2,500 people.”

Those who already purchased tickets will have their vouchers transferred automatically to the same shows and events for the 2022 festival.

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