Chautauqua Lake District Proposal Feedback Questioning Committee’s Role

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MAYVILLE – The group tasked with looking at creating a Chautauqua Lake District is still receiving a good amount of public feedback following a public survey last month.

The Chautauqua Lake Partnership and Rehabilitation Agency updated the County Planning Department during the group’s May meeting.

The committee discussed its wide array of feedback from a survey that found a majority of residents living around the lake favor creating a lake management district to combat issues like harmful algae blooms.

The committee’s chairman, Pierre Chagnon, believes the public is misunderstanding the group’s role in the process.

He explains the agency is simply an advisory committee to the county legislature, and has no authority to create anything other than a recommendation to the lawmaking group.

“The county legislature then has the responsibility, under the state statue, to consider the recommendation, reject it, or to continue to pursue it which would involve public hearings and deliberations,” explained Chagnon.

The survey, the committee says, was simply to get a feel from the community about the idea, not necessarily a community wide recommendation for the creation. Many of the public comments to the group indicate not everyone in the community had their opinion recorded in the survey.

The group is now looking into the scope of work involved in creating a lake district, which county lawmakers would have to approve before any action is taken.


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