Panama Rocks Included In New “I Love NY” Ad Spot

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PANAMA – One of Chautauqua County’s largest attractions is getting a big promotional boost part of New York State’s “I Love NY” campaign.

Panama Rocks was mentioned in a new advertisement released this week.

The attraction, which highlights a unique outcrop of 300-million-year-old sedimentary rock formations, boats a one-mile loop around a half-mile ridge.

The scenery also includes a jungle-like charm. It’s home to 800-year-old hemlocks, and other species of trees, including ash, beech, black cherry, elm, red.

Since 2011, the spot has consistently been listed as TripAdvisor’s #1-ranked attraction in Chautauqua County.

Park management says they are grateful to be included in the state’s tourism push.


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