Stakeholders Near Agreement On Chautauqua Lake Memorandum

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CHAUTAUQUA LAKE – The push to secure cooperation in clean up efforts on Chautauqua Lake is nearing completion. 

The Chautauqua Lake Memorandum of Understanding was introduced last month by County Executive PJ Wendel to get local municipalities and other stakeholders around the lake to work together. 

Specifically, Wendel is focused on using scientific research to combat harmful algal blooms.

He says that after an initial lack of support from some of the signing parties, the agreement is coming together. 

“The Town of Chautauqua who said they ‘were not signing it’, after looking at it changed their mind, voting unanimously to support the MOU,” said Wednel. “The Town of Ellery has signed on. They didn’t sign on before, so when you look at the efforts we’ve made, the continuous push that I’ve had for unity and collaboration and cooperation, we’re seeing that.”

Of the 15 parties involved in the agreement, 14 have committed to signing the document. This includes several towns, villages and a number of other groups like fishing clubs and water conservancies.

The focus of the agreement, according to Wendel, is getting individual groups to work together to tackle a larger problem.

“It is bigger both figuratively and literally than all of us, and we need to keep that in mind and we need to work together for all of Chautauqua County and all of our economies,” said Wendel.

He hopes by the end of this week the document will be signed by all involved. 

Work to combat algae on the lake is already underway this summer, with use of herbicide products and harvesters to fight weed growth.

Additionally, Wendel says several scientific groups have been studying the lake over the past year to identify the true source of the harmful algal bloom problem.


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