City Of Jamestown Officials Talk Economic Impact Of Massive Factory Fire

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JAMESTOWN – The economic impact of a massive blaze at a former factory in Jamestown is starting to add up for the municipality.

During this week’s City Council Meeting, city officials addressed costs associated with battling last month’s blaze at the former Jamestown Royal Factory on Crescent Street.

City Comptroller Ryan Thompson and City Councilwoman Kimberly Ecklund lead the conversation.

Specifically, the two say overtime for fighter fights and the cleanup brings a heavy price tag.

“The entire demolition cost of that fire is probably upwards of $400,000 to $500,000,” says Ecklund. 

“We had 284 hours of overtime related to that fire alone, that extrapolates out to $20,000 alone in costs,” explained Thompson. “We’ve expended 59 percent of the fire department overtime budgets, that’s something to keep an eye on moving forward.” 

Following the fire last month we spoke with neighbors in the area who were impacted by the intense flames, one of them, Wilam Wisner, says he plans to sue the building’s owner Peter Johnson for damages caused since Johnson doesn’t have insurance. 

At the time of the fire security camera footage captured two juvenile suspects, 14 and 15-year-old girls, entering the former Factory prior to the fire.

Those teens, police say, will face charges of second-degree arson in Chautauqua County Family Court. 


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  1. The teenage girls (if & when they are found guilty of setting the fires), should be held accountable for their actions, and be forced to pay for the damages & expense costs related to extinguishing the fire & demolition. If you want to use the argument youthful offender, then hold their parents responsible.

    That will insure this type of incident does not happen again.

    This bill should NOT be passed onto the lawful taxpayers of the county !!!

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