County Residents Urged To Look Out For Harmful Algal Blooms

Image by Justin Gould / WNY News Now.

CHAUTAUQUA COUNTY – Chautauqua County health officials are warning of the dangers of Harmful Algal Blooms as the summertime seasons heats up.  

Also known as HAB, the blooms are created when runoff from surrounding lands is combined with warm water temperature and sunshine, resulting in the blue-green algae growth.

Most commonly occuring during late summer months and near the shorelines, HAB’s can usually be spotted through a murky appearance to the surface of the water, usually resembling one of many colors.

It’s important to avoid HAB’s as they release potentially harmful toxins.  People are encouraged to follow informative signs, avoid activities in the water where Bloom appears, and to not fish around these areas.  

The county advises that if someone is exposed to a bloom, to immediately use clean water to rinse off. Additionally, If further symptoms including diarrhea, nausea or vomiting, skin irritation, and allergic reactions or breathing difficulties happen to seek medical attention.  

Watershed management plans of both the county and state take precautions to try to avoid the amount of HAB’s in the waterways.  However, it is important that people use their own best judgments when participating in activities with potential Blooms in the water.  


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