NYS Giving Out $900,000 For Projects At State Parks, Trails, Public Lands

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ALBANY (WENY) – New York State is distributing $900,000 in grants to various state parks, trails, historic sites and public lands.

The Park and Trail Partnership Grants program is funded through the state Environmental Protection Fund.

The grants support partner group efforts to raise private funds for capital projects, perform maintenance and beautification undertakings, provide educational programming and promote public use of the parks through hosting special events.

Grants are administered in partnership with the non-profit group Parks & Trails New York. Recipients must raise outside funding of at least 10 percent of the grant amount received.

Locally, Chautauqua County Equestrian Trail System is getting $64,805 to provide environmentally friendly, sustainable rehabilitation of the trail known as The Boulevard, which acts as a critical point of access for trail users and has been closed for the past two years due to logging.


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