Vigil For Murdered Jamestown Woman Keeps Cold Case Center Stage

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JAMESTOWN – The family of a Jamestown mother murdered 17-years-ago held a vigil Tuesday night honoring her memory and pushing to keep her cold case alive. 

Yolanda Bindics’ sister Anne Schmielewski and niece Brittany Bindics hope by raising awareness new developments might come to light.

“Today marks 17-years that Yolanda was, technically it was the last time we heard from her,” said Schmielewski. “We usually do small gatherings every year on the 10th, this year we decided because we keep getting media attention, and people to start, you know have been coming forward more.”

In addition to spoken remarks, the ceremony featured a candle lighting at the time Bindics was last seen. While the ceremony was short, family members were excited for the amount of support received.

“Support is important, we really just need people who have information whether it be something tiny, it could be something as simple as I saw so-and-so today, they seemed odd or I saw a vehicle or I saw her or whatever,” furthered Schmielewski. “Any tiny little thing could lead to an arrest, you never know.”

Local law enforcement, including Sheriff Jim Quattrone, also took part, sharing similar viewpoints, not just in this case, but all cold cases.

“Any time we have any publicity out there, whether it’s documentaries, news articles, or whatever, it sometimes will help individuals remember and point out the importance of reporting it,” said Quattrone

Sergeant Alex Nutt at the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Office is continuing to seek answers. A $16,000 for info is still available.


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