Jamestown City Council Hears Support, Opposition For Car Show

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JAMESTOWN – An hour-plus long conversation between those in support and opposition of the Los Contrincantes Car Club and Bike Crew Car Show took center stage during the Jamestown City Council Work Session Monday evening. 

The show is tentatively scheduled to take place at Bergman Park Sept. 18. After members of the Council approved the original permit earlier this summer, several residents voiced their concerns to their respective representatives.

One of those concerned residents, John Smith, addressed the council during its meeting. Smith explains his concerns stems from the potential noise that the event could produce during different activities.

“Sound carries rather strangely in that neighborhood,” Smith said. “You think something is not loud, but the sound does carry. This was originally approved on June 7, and most people were not aware of it until Aug. 2nd.” Smith cited a local media article discussing the special event permit request.

Jose Sanchez, the club leader and organizer of the show, spoke as to why the event would be important for the City of Jamestown as a whole. Sanchez details how the event isn’t specifically about a competition; it’s about giving back to the community.

“I’m starting to do this stuff for the community because I love my community, I was born here, I was raised here,” Sanchez said. He furthers that his family is heavily involved in education.

“Give us the chance,” he explained. “Give us the opportunity to bring something new to the community.” Sanchez hopes to bring more revenue to the community, adding that he is willing to ensure that he helps enforce the rules regarding how loud the sound is from the vehicles involved.

City resident Doug Champ who, for years, has been outspoken at City Council meetings. Champ says he’s concerned with the size of the event due to the potential spread of the COVID-19 Delta Variant.

“The COVID aspect, it’s up to you to decide,” Champ stated to the Council. “You don’t want to have a situation where somebody is going to point to the City of Jamestown and say, ‘Well they had an event,’ and then you do tracers on this and the event indicates that some people got COVID because they came to Jamestown for this event. I hope this doesn’t happen.”

Esteban Cordova, owner of AJ’s Custom Streetwear and member of the club, issued a rebuttal in regards to Champ’s comments on COVID and the event.

“To answer anyone’s questions on the COVID, anyone of us can get COVID right now,” Cordova said. “Anyone of us right now can pass the COVID, okay? Not only that, they’re opening the schools back up in September for (all students) to go back.’

The Council is expected to discuss and entertain a motion to potentially alter or revoke the permit during its Voting Session Aug. 30.


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