State Comptroller Finds Financial Errors In North County School Audit

RIPLEY – A northern Chautauqua County school district is under the microscope of state’s Comptroller after his office found the school committed several financial errors.

New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli released his latest school district audit report last week, finding that the Ripley Central School District has several financial management issues.

Specifically, the Comptroller says the board and district officials did not properly manage fund balance and overestimated budgetary appropriations, resulting in surplus funds exceeding the four percent statutory limit by approximately $1.4 million, or 15 percentage points.

While the district’s payroll payments were paid at accurate rates, payments were not always properly supported and approved, the Comptroller also found.

Auditors reviewed 41 timecards and found that while not required by the district, more than 70 percent of the timecards (30 of 41) were not signed by a supervisor and none were signed by the employee.

More than 60 percent of the timecards (25 of 41) were incomplete as a result of missed punches totaling approximately 250 hours or $4,400.

In addition, the Comptroller says the payroll clerk did not deduct a total of 13 days of approved leave time, valued at $2,100, from two employees’ leave accrual records.

To correct the issues, the office recommends the school adopt a comprehensive written multiyear financial plan and properly monitor the payroll and requested leave process.


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