As Kids Head Back To School, What Masks Should They Wear?

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ERIE (Erie News Now) – Face mask have become the new normal in America and as kids head back into the classroom, mask are required, that’s after the nation is experiencing a recent surge of cases given the Delta Variant.

But what mask should you send your child to school in? A surgical mask, N95, cloth or homemade mask?

The CDC informs that high grade masks are unnecessary if you’re not in a high risk environment.

Erie News Now Contributor, Dr. Becky Dawson tells Erie News Now it doesn’t matter what kind of mask you wear, as long as it’s covering your nose and chin.

“A face mask that fits, you want it to be up over your nose, snugly fit down below your chin and really two layers of material is your best bet,” says Dr. Dawson. “Two layers of cotton is more than sufficient to do what we want the mask to do, which is providing you with a little bit of individual protection but, also prevent you from spreading it any viral partials to anyone around you.”

She also suggest an easy way to help keep your students mask clean when they can take them off in class, “buy a lanyard, so have the thing that clips around the mask so it can hang around your neck during lunch time or anytime the students are outside.”

Dr. Dawson says it’s also a good idea to pack extra mask in your child’s backpack and an easy way to clean them is in the sink with soap and water.


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