Warren County Career Center Piques Students Interests

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WARREN (Erie News Now) – The popularity of Warren County Career Center has come full circle the last few years.

With many different programs students are able to find what their interests are and really pursue a passion. The trade school offers everything from nursing and physical therapy students, to the future welders in Warren.

Many students were excited to talk about their passion for what they chose to do, and confident they’ll be employed once they graduate. One of the smaller programs, the machinist program only has three students in the morning classes.

The instructor, Colton Black told Erie News Now there’s a need in Warren for skilled machinists.

“Everything around you has been machined or manufactured in some way, shape or form. Everything you look at around you had to be manufactured or created. It’s a skill you can take and go anywhere in the country or the world, it’s everywhere. Manufacturing and machining is everywhere you go,” says Black.

Students are able to pursue passions while they’re in high school. The two most popular programs, nursing and welding have seen more students enrolled than in years past. Registered nurse and teacher at the trade school, Diane Swartz has seen many prospective healthcare workers sit at the desks across from her. This year there’s more than ever.

“It’s exciting to watch them learn because they really want to be here so that makes it all that much better. There’s so many different careers out there now and it’s exciting to get them from here to graduating,” says Swartz.

For students enrolled in the nursing program all have the same goal; to make a difference.

“I want to go in psychology field,” one student said.

Another student enrolled in the nursing program says, ”I want to be a vet.”

Since the pandemic, more people have wanted to work in healthcare. Swartz doesn’t believe the pandemic has made more students want to pursue nursing, she believes kids are compassionate, and have the drive to help others.

“I think they want to get out there get jobs and do something for the community,” says Swartz.

Another popular program just down the hall, welding. Typically a male dominated field, one young woman finds herself chasing her passion.

“I want to show other women it’s not just men we can do this now,” says Sophomore BrookLyn Woods.

Nate McNitt has been teaching welding for 19 years. He wanted to pass the torch and show other welders the passion and potential for a good paying job once they graduate.

“We try to make it fun there’s a lot of good technology we have in here. We’ve stepped it up over the years every year, and try to remain what the industry is doing and the good paying jobs at the end of that is a good incentive to come to welding,” emphasizes McNitt.

For Woods, she wants to test her limits with underwater welding when she has her degree.

“They say it’s really dangerous, but I really like it and it sounds like it’s something interesting to do no matter how dangerous and it’s something to really reach for in goals,” says Woods.

If you’re a parent or student in Warren County interested in this program, you can visit their website at https://www.wcsdpa.org/Domain/226.


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