Jamestown Lawmakers Discuss Retired Worker Insurance Coverage Changes

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JAMESTOWN – Lawmakers in Jamestown are hearing more about an agreement to allow retired city workers to move their insurance coverage to a Medicare Advantage plan.

Jamestown Mayor Eddie Sundquist previously tasked Councilman-at-large Jeff Russell with heading up a committee on the subject.

Russell has worked with those from the city administration and employees, both current and retired, on developing the plan over the last eight months.

The councilman addressed his fellow lawmakers during Monday night’s meeting, saying his group is proposing to have retirees, and their spouses 65 and older, voluntarily opt into the changes.

“If they choose to move over, they’re going to be able to try this plan for approximately one year,” said Russell. “At the end of one year, if they don’t like what they see or if they don’t think that it’s going well, they can move back over to the city’s self-funded plan.”

He says the retired worker is going to get health insurance for free for a period of five years, and at the end of five years, they would be locked in at the current rate that they’re paying.

If things go well, the municipality is expected to save up to five-figures a year from the change in insurance.


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