Pit Bulls Believed To Be Used For Dog Fighting Found Shot Dead In PA

NORTH EAST (Erie News Now) – Animal cruelty investigators are asking for the public’s help to find whoever shot and killed three dogs at Eaton Reservoir in North East near the New York state line, according to the ANNA Shelter’s Animal Cruelty Division.

The dogs had been walked into shallow water and shot in the face, according to investigators. They believe it happened sometime between last Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. A third dog was also found.

Investigators believe they were used for dog fighting; they had collars on typically used for that and were covered in punctures and scars typical of dogs that have been recently fought.

The dogs – a black female pit bull, a brown male intact pit bull and a brown female pit bull – had been shot in the muzzle/face area and left to die in the water, according to animal cruelty investigators.

The ANNA Shelter’s Animal Cruelty Division said pictures from the scene were just too gruesome to share, and it is also possible there may be more bodies in the area.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Officer Duckett by emailing eric@theannashelter.com or calling 814-572-5913. Investigators are looking for any leads including if you were at the reservoir and saw someone with the dogs, know someone who had dogs like these and now does not, or anything else that may help.


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