NRF Estimates Halloween Spending Will Break Records This Year

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JAMESTOWN – Halloween is bouncing back. More Americans, about 65-percent, are planning to celebrate the spooky holiday this year up from 58-percent last year.

The National Retail Federation estimates that spending on Halloween-related items will break a record at over $10 billion. That’s two billion dollars more than last year despite the on-going supply chain crisis.

The NRF estimates the average person will spend around $100 dollars this year for the holiday.

“Consumers are back up to pre-pandemic levels when it comes to the number of people celebrating,” explains Katherine Cullen, Senior Director of Industry and Consumer Insights.

Their survey found most of that is going to purchase costumes, decorations and of course: candy.

“Candy is another big area where consumers will be spending, not just to treat themselves, but for all those trick or treaters who might be heading out this year, who might have had to skip that part of Halloween last year,” said Cullen.

The NRF says the record-breaking spending is not surprising with more families feeling comfortable getting back to trick-or-treating and more young people feeling comfortable going to parties with bigger groups.

“That’s an age group that has really helped drive a lot of Halloween spending in the past,” explained Cullen. “So it’s good to see them kind of coming back into the picture.”

The survey found 46-percent of people are planning on dressing up, with more saying they’ll also get their pets into the Halloween spirit.

“About one in five of those celebrating Halloween plan to dress up their pet this year, which is the highest we’ve ever seen,” furthered Cullen.


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