Importance Of Voting In Local Elections

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ERIE (Erie News Now) – For some, it may not seem as important to vote in this election compared to the presidential election, but over at Gannon University, history professor Jeffery Bloodworth explains how much of an impact these local elections have on our daily lives.

He says, if you’re looking for a real change in your community, coming out to vote on Tuesday is crucial.

“Local elections are where the rubber hits the road. This is how schools are run, this is how roads are paved, and this is our local sales taxes. This is the direction of Northwest Pennsylvania. For the first time in 40 years Erie is moving in the right direction,” says Bloodworth.

People tend to pick the candidate that they typically relate to, Bloodworth says. But diving deeper is important when casting your vote.

“Does this candidate line up with you with their beliefs on taxes, do they have the background to do the job?” asks Bloodworth.

“It’s about two thirds of registered voters turn out for presidential races, then you get to a governors races and midterms it is about 45 percent and then it’s 29 percent for local races,” says Bloodworth.

He says the number of voters who come out isn’t high enough, but here in Erie County, we rank higher in terms of voter turnout for local elections.

“29 percent is just anemic,” he says.

Bloodworth explains getting out to vote this Tuesday is important, especially with big races like the county executive’s position up for grabs.

“I would push people to look at the issues rather than ‘I like that cut of the jib of that candidate,'” says Bloodworth.


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