Hometown Rent To Own Readies For Thanksgiving Feast Giveback

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JAMESTOWN – The holiday season is fast approaching, and with Thanksgiving around the corner, a Jamestown area rent-to-own establishment is getting ready to give back. 

To Hometown Rent to Own owners Jeff Smith, Matt Radecki and Chris Fiegl, Thanksgiving is all about getting the family together. The two say this mission is vital, especially this year.

“We started this event when we opened in Salamanca in 2014, 2015 was our first year doing it, and what we found out is during the holiday seasons people typically have a financial burden,” explains Radecki. “You know, Christmas is coming up, there’s other bills due, and typically in today’s age with the pandemic, it really is a financial strain with the inflation going up so a lot of times families can’t afford a nice Thanksgiving dinner.”

The two will be giving away 50 Thanksgiving meals for free at their Foote Avenue location in Jamestown that includes a turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn and yams; among other fixings.

“It’s gonna take place on November 19th which is on a Friday,” explained Radecki. “It starts at 10 a.m., and is on a first come first serve basis; you don’t have to be a customer here. There is no purchase necessary which is also a huge thing for us. If you need, or know someone in need, stop on down and be early.”

The two businessmen opened their Jamestown location this past May. They say it was a bit of a challenge to get everything up and running because of the pandemic’s related supply issues.

However, the duo says they are stocked up for the Christmas season, however if you plan to purchase any big items, like a new TV for example, you need to buy sooner than later.

“As it grows closer to the holiday season as you’ve seen on the news with cargo container ships being backlogged at the port, everyone and everybody is feeling it,” says Radecki. “Now is definitely the time to do it, so if you are looking for that hot holiday item come see us. Stop in the store or give us a call, and we will be absolutely able to get that product as of now.”

It is not just meals that are being donated this holiday, but mattresses too.

“You know it is a dire need and fortunately enough we were able to do a donation and partner with the Jamestown Police Department. We were able to do a donation to those families in need, and we’re giving away about a dozen queen size mattresses to those people,” says Radecki. “We are gonna deliver them no names, no questions asked. We don’t want the people to feel bad about themselves, but we try to take care of the community because it takes care of us. We are all about the people in the community as well.”

In addition to the 50 meals in Jamestown, the two are giving out 100 meals at their location in Salamanca as well.

This story has been updated to correct Mike Radecki to Matt Radecki.


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