Talking Gun Safety With Experienced Hunters 

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WARREN (Erie News Now) – Carl Prindle has been an avid hunter for thirty-five years. He hunts everything from bear, to small game, to deer. The beginning of deer season is one of his favorite times of year. 

“The deer stories the night before. The deer stories on your way to your spot– all in hopes you’ll get that trophy deer,” said Prindle. 

It’s all too often, innocent hunting trips turn fatal. A 64 year-old Corry man was accidentally shot and killed on Pennsylvania Game Lands Saturday, while hunting bear. The PA Game Commission calling it a tragic accident. 

“It’s a terrible story. Such a tragedy, and unfortunately it seems like it happens every year,” said Prindle. The experienced hunter can think of a dozen incidents similar to the fatal one in Warren County. 

He shared some common sense tips with us that could potentially save a life. “Keep your finger off the trigger. Know your target. Make sure what you’re shooting at– Always look passed what you’re going to shoot at, and make sure you don’t see orange. There could be another hunter back there,” he said. 

Another way to prevent tragedy: don’t walk with a loaded gun, instead wait until you’re to your tree stand or location to load your rifle. 

Too often, Prindle says, inexperienced hunters will underestimate the power of their weapon. “Some people, new hunters, don’t realize that just because you sight in for 200 yards– that doesn’t mean that bullet won’t travel two miles,” he said. 

The key takeaway for hunters this season, be aware of your surroundings and where everyone in your hunting party is. “Try to stay to myself, but I go with a group of guys, so everyone knows where everyone is hunting,” he said. 


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