Jamestown City Council Approves Mayor’s Budget, Tables ARPA Spending Vote

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JAMESTOWN – Jamestown Mayor Eddie Sundquist’s 2022 executive budget was unanimously approved Monday evening, albeit with several amendments attached to it. 

The Council, additionally, moved to table a vote one month on a resolution that would approve several capital projects proposed under Sundquist’s spending plan utilizing ARPA funds.

Sundquist spoke to WNY News Now earlier Monday. He says that he remains confident in both of his fiscal plans for the City of Jamestown.

“We definitely still think it’s the best way forward. That’s why we based it on what other municipalities have done,” Sundquist said. “We don’t just kind of make this stuff up as we go along. We look to see what other municipalities have done in this regard, and try to figure out what the best practice is.”

The Mayor furthers that his office will review any amendments made to the proposal for any potential veto action.

Additionally, the Council moved to table a resolution until December that would allow for the City of Jamestown to opt out of allowing marijuana dispensaries and consumption sites.


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