NY Senator Chuck Schumer Pushes For Extension On Student Loan Payments

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NEW YORK (WENY) – New York Senator Chuck Schumer said today that the pause in requiring people to make their student loan payments needs to be extended. The current pause will expire at the end of January. 

Schumer said with new variants of the COVID-19 virus on the rise, the burden on residents will be significant.

The senator said New Yorkers owe about 91-billion dollars in student debt. Extending the pause would help tens of millions of Americans.

Schumer said ultimately, he would like the president to wipe out a chunk of student loan debt, but for now, is pressing to extend the pause.

“For over 2.4-million New Yorkers and tens of millions of Americans, student loan payments are a huge burden upon them and unfortunately the pause that says you don’t have to pay them during the pandemic goes away at the end of January,” Schumer said. “We are calling on the administration to continue that pause with the advent of Omicron and the continuation of COVID students should not have this burden placed on their shoulders.”

Schumer said the pause should be extended while COVID is still here.


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