Jamestown City Council To Pass On Opting Out Of Marijuana Dispensaries

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JAMESTOWN – Members of the Jamestown City Council will not be voting to opt out of allowing marijuana dispensaries within city limits this month. 

Jamestown City Council President Tony Dolce confirmed the news to WNY News Now during an interview Wednesday afternoon. According to Dolce, the Council decided not to undergo a vote due to time constraints the Council would’ve faced.

Dolce explains that he believes allowing dispensaries could help the city financially, but he wants to ensure a proper implementation of the cannabis industry.

“I’m kind of reserved on it. I think there’s a possibility for some opportunity, particularly because we are the largest municipality in the county, and most of the surrounding municipalities opted out, so it opens the door possibly for us,” Dolce said. “My biggest concern is having enough control over it and makin sure it’s done in an up-and-up process and we can ensure this will be done properly and it will reap some economic benefit for us.”

The Council, for example, will have a critical role in determining what businesses would be able to obtain a license, a process that he expects will take at least six months.

Dolce says the Council was rather divided on the issue, noting that Mayor Eddie Sundquist would’ve likely vetoed the opt out. The President furthers that he didn’t believe the Council would have enough votes to override a veto.


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