Fundraiser Launched For Fredonia Family Who Lost Home In Wind Storm

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FREDONIA – A fundraiser is underway to help a family who is now homeless after two massive trees fell on to their Fredonia home over the weekend’s wind storm. 

Michelle Petsch was on the phone with her mother Bobbie White at the time, who remembers the chilling events that transpired at her Main Street apartment.

“She was like, ‘oh my gosh mom a tree just smashed into the upstairs of my house,’ and then she went to open the front door, and a tree smashed down on her car, totally wiped her car out,” explained White.

Petsch upon seeing what was happening, took all of her children out of the house, and to the neighbors, an act that White believes is nothing less than heroic.

“I cannot believe that she picked up all of them, three children and carried them out,” stated White. “That’s a five-year-old, a three-year-old and a one-and-a-half-year-old baby. His name is Hendricks, he’s quite big for a little baby, and she’s my hero.”

With the apartment declared unsafe, the family has lost all of their belongings only making it out with the clothing on their back. To make matters worse, their Christmas presents were also likely destroyed.

“The children, they’re so worried because their elf was in the house and they’re worried their elf on the shelf isn’t alive anymore because that elf is magical and comes with them,” explained White.

White is asking for donations via her GoFundMe page to help her daughter get back on her feet. Those who want to drop off physical donations, like clothing, furniture, or toys, are asked to visit Can Kings in Fredonia.


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