Sweet Competitions At The 2022 PA Farm Show

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HARRISBURG, PA. (Erie News Now) – Pennsylvania’s annual State Farm Show concluded over the weekend. 

Roughly 6,000 animals, 12,000 events and exhibits, and 300 additional commercial exhibits make the Pennsylvania Farm Show the largest indoor agricultural exposition in the nation.   

It’s also one of Pennsylvania’s longest traditions.  

“There’s something really cool about that. You feel like you’re honoring tradition of 106 years in the farm show, that’s where it began,” said PA Department of Agriculture Secretary Russell Redding.  

106 years later, thousands of families and individuals come to Harrisburg for the sights, sounds, demonstrations and much more.   

From old fashioned woodwork demonstrations, to butter sculptures, to cattle competitions, there is certainly something at the show for everybody. 

The cattle and equine competitions, rodeos, and showcases are always popular attractions. However, competitions at this farm show are not limited to animals.  

“Our biggest competition is always with the extracted honey,” said Linesville resident, Charlie Vorisek.  

Vorisek is part of the Pennsylvania State Beekeepers Association. He serves as Chairman of both the exhibit and learning areas, and also serves on the board of the northwest PA Beekeepers Association.  

Vorisek says their exhibits and competitions go beyond honey and extraction.  

“We have creamed honey, we have honey in the honeycomb, we have waxes, we have baked goods. We have collective exhibits,” said Vorisek.  

He and his family have watched the role of the PA State Beekeepers Association in the annual show grow over the years. 

“It’s just evolved,” said Vorisek. “My wife and I have been here for probably almost 20 years working the Farm Show,” he added.  

And after being canceled last year, he’s happy to showcase all the bee and honey products, as well as information, his group has to offer.  

“I’m glad to see we’ve got a show going on,” said Vorisek.  

The final event listed for 2022 PA Farm Show is at four o’clock tomorrow afternoon. 


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