Political Analysts Predict U.S. House And Senate Could Return To Republican Majority

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WASHINGTON D.C. – Congressional Democrats and President Biden have faced hit after hit with some of their key legislative priorities not passing through. 

From the Build Back Better legislation, to voting rights and on top of inflation issues, political analysts said things aren’t looking up for the Dems right now. Analysts said it’s a real possibility the Dems could lose both the House and the Senate where they currently have the majority but there are a few ways they can turn things around.

“The Democrats are in trouble already,” said Todd Belt, Professor and Director of Political Management at George Washington University. “They’re really behind the 8 ball when it comes to the 2022 midterms.”

Belt said it’s typical that the president’s party usually loses congressional seats in the first midterm election. “Because a president usually can’t make all those promises and come to fruition over time and people usually take it out on the incumbent party,” said Belt.

But problems for the Dems doesn’t stop there.

“They are having some problems with these key issues like Build Back Better as well as voting rights and those are very important to their base,” added Belt. “The energy in the democratic party in the base you want to keep happy satisfied at least thinking that you can move on their issues and if you can’t convince them that you can do that, they might not show up.”

Belt said redistricting and inflation could also put the democrat-controlled congress in jeopardy.

“The Republicans look like they have a real golden opportunity to take the House and the Senate,” said Belt.

But there are some ways the Dems could turn things around. Belt said fixing the rising inflation costs could be a start.

“Going to the grocery store, you’re going to the gas pump and they’re seeing the gas prices go up and no amount of talking about what you can do in the future can overcome what people are feeling in their wallets on a daily basis,” said Belt.

And if the Dems can’t pass Build Back Better, which promised to invest in things like childcare, expand health care and climate change provisions as a whole package, Belt said they could break it up into pieces. Something President Biden has suggested could be a possibility.

“So they can go to the voters specifically and say this is what we did for you, we’re putting money in your pocket its making your life easier,” said Belt.

Some Democratic members including those that represent us in Pennsylvania and in New York said they still want to fight for some provisions in Build Back Better, like enhancing the child tax credit and paid family leave. But these items will likely put up a fight with Republicans and maybe with some Dems, too.

Pennsylvania’s and New York’s primary elections are coming up this summer.


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