Chautauqua County Motion Supporting Efforts To Fight COVID-19 Fails

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MAYVILLE – A motion that supports efforts to combat COVID-19, like wearing a mask in pubic and getting vaccinated, was struck down by the Chautauqua County Legislature on Wednesday night.

As first proposed by Fredonia Democrat Susan Parker, the motion titled “Encouraging Best Practices to Overcome COVID-19” included support for the county Health Department’s efforts to further vaccinations of residents, including those five-years-old and up.

Additionally, the act would also have supported community cooperation in the COVID-19 fight, by encouraging all to wear face masks when in common indoor public areas.

Before the vote, several on both sides of the issue spoke to the lawmaking body, including Frewsburg resident Gerrit Cain and Fredonia resident Merry Croxton.

“I am a retired nurse, I’m here to support the healthcare system,” explained Croxton. “I’m also concerned about schools, I want kids to go to school, and wearing a mask will help reduce this spread of COVID, along with vaccines.”

“Essentially, a yes vote on this motion is a vote of approval for top-down government control and a one size fits all solution that never seem to fit our county very well at all; it doesn’t fit anywhere else either,” said Cain. “The fallout from big government dictating the COVID response has been disastrous.”

In the end, the measure needed 10 signatures to move to the floor to be voted on. It however only received four acts of support and failed to move to a vote.


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