Jamestown Police Respond To Traffic Congestion Problems Near City Schools

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JAMESTOWN – The Jamestown Police Department is warning drivers to follow traffic laws when picking up and dropping off their kids from school, this as traffic misery is unfolding on some city streets.

The department responded to traffic congestion concerns in a post on social media Wednesday.

Officers say drivers are parking, and facing, both directions on both sides of the streets, and then, they are traveling both directions down the “middle lane;” causing gridlock.

This creates what the department calls a “dangerous” situation with cars not only restricting emergency traffic flow, like ambulances and fire trucks, but also kids walking two and from class.

Almost every school in the district is having problems, police say, from elementary schools to Jamestown High School downtown. Officers have attempted to correct the situation, to no avail.

“We have tried educating parents and others who pick up and drop off children at the school; which as you can see from these pictures has not worked very well,” said the Department. “Tickets will continue to be issued as this is completely unacceptable.”

As for where to park, the department goes on to say when in doubt, unless you are on a one-way street, your driver’s side should never be parked along the curb.

The traffic problems follow two incidents in December, when two students were hit while crossing the street near Persell Middle School. The city and district are now vying for a traffic study to examine pedestrian improvements in the area.


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