Reed Supports Puerto Rico Statehood

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Puerto Rico is celebrating it’s 105th Anniversary of U.S. Citizenship and members of congress, including New York Representative Tom Reed, took this opportunity at the capitol to push for Puerto Rico’s Statehood.

“As a proud representative in the United States Congress, I hear the voice of every Puerto Rican, every individual that has expressed their desire for freedom for democracy for representation in this great chamber,” said Reed.

Back in 2020 Puerto Ricans voted to become the next U.S. State, but so far Congress hasn’t moved forward with that idea.

We asked resident commissioner Jenniffer Gonzalez Colon how hopeful she is that Congress will finally move forward on the question of statehood, she told us she’s confident that Congress will grant Puerto Rico’s wishes.

If statehood is granted, Puerto Ricans will be allowed to vote in Presidential Elections, and receive the same equal benefits to Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income like other U.S. Citizens.


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