Truck Convoy Stops In Our Region En Route To Washington

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ERIE, Pa. (Erie News Now) – A convoy of trucks headed to Washington D.C. gained supporters in our region on Wednesday, frustrated community members who say they have a simple message for politicians.

“It’s saying we the people are pretty fed up with this and we’re done with it,” said Brian Shank.

In particular, they’re frustrated with pandemic-related restrictions, things like mask and vaccination mandates, which, although largely lifted, aren’t entirely gone.

“They’ve lifted most mandates,” Shank said. “Our school districts are still using it, and some businesses are still using it. I just talked to a nurse who just lost her job because she refuses to get the vaccine. And that’s still a part of this that’s still functioning. This vaccine mandates. I disagree with them.“

As inflation and gas prices soar, convoy members say their patience wears thin, and when they arrive in the capital, they hope lawmakers see their protest as a call to action.

“Do your job. Get your buddies out. Do your job,” said Keith Stuart. “You guys do nothing. You sit and argue with each other. You’re going to do this you’re going to do that. But we see the results. Where are they? Nothing.”

They say government officials are no longer responsive to the people they represent, and they hope hitting the road can send a message to congress.

“This is all about our freedom,” Shank said. “We’re kind of tired of being pushed around and being told you’re going to do this so you’re not going to do that.”


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