Baby Formulas Are Recalled And Low In Stock

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ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) – There is a limited stock of baby formula on store shelves. To make matters worse, the Food And Drug Association recently announced a recall on Similac PM 60/40 powdered infant formula. 

An Elmira mother spoke about how the problems with baby formula are affecting her and her 9-month-old baby.

With baby formulas getting recalled, it is giving mothers everywhere fewer options in regard to properly nourishing their children.

The mother from Elmira, New York, said it has been a painful growing pain for her infant child.

“It’s been really hard because you can’t find formula anyways before it was recalled,” she said. “It’s hard to find anyways and when you do find it…there’s a recall on it and your child can’t have it so it’s very stressful.”

According to the FDA and Center for Disease Control and Prevention, a variety of Similac baby formulas have been recalled. The mother has had a difficult time adjusting. She has been feeding her baby Similac for the past nine months. Recently, she has been consulting with her baby’s pediatrician to find an alternative.

“It’s been very hard because my baby was on a specific formula for her specific needs,” she said. “So, it’s been hard to find a substitute for that.”

She said she is worried and stressed.

“It’s just nerve-racking because now that one is becoming harder to find as well because of the recall of different brands,” she said. “People are transferring over to that brand now…so they’re just trying to find some alternative somewhere.”

Aside from baby formulas being recalled, she is also experiencing negative effects from baby formula shortages in stores. She said she has driven close to two hours searching for other brands.

“We were having to drive from store to store to find it… Walmart has been out of Similac for over four months now,” she said. “There’s certain stores that only get maybe six cans a month.”

She explained, with her baby’s urgent need for an effective baby formula, her pediatrician has stepped in to help supply her with some sample baby formula cans.

“We’ve searched and searched and just can’t find it…eventually the supply that all these pediatricians have built up of the sample cans…that’s going to run out,” she said. “Then what’s everybody going to do?”


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