Local Candidate Promises Less Government Involvement In Congressional Bid

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JAMESTOWN – As the primary election grows closer, many new candidates are looking to get their name and values out to voters; including a congressional candidate from the Jamestown area. 

Rich Moon, a Western New York native and pharmacist is running for the redistricted NY-23 Congressional seat in November with the promise that he is different from career politicians.

“A career politician’s natural tendency is to take money from the taxpayers and put it in a program and that’ll make it all better,” says Moon. “But for somebody who’s never signed the front of a paycheck, or earned that money to sign the front of a paycheck, it’s impossible to understand what it takes to actually make it work. So sure, the PPE and the personal loans, they help some people get them through, but nobody ever took a look at the real causes of what happened.”

The seat is currently held by Tom Reed who plans to retire after he was accused of sexual misconduct last year. However, with redistricting in process, it is unclear where the lines of the 23rd Congressional District will fall.

Claudia Tenney, current 22nd District Congresswoman, will run in the newly formed 23rd. The two are also running against Hugh Bahar and George Burns.

Moon promises less government involvement, which he believes interferes in several key areas, including entrepreneurship. He started his own business that is now nationwide and employs 70 to 80 people.

“I absolutely plan on spending my time bettering this district,” assures Moon. “Making it better for the farmers, the wine-growers, the smaller industry guys, the sheet metal guys, the metal shop folks.”

Besides small business, Moon hopes to rally defending gun laws, not to allow the defunding of the police, indoctrinating children, closing churches, and opening the borders.

His full interview with WNY News Now is posted on our YouTube page and Channel 716 on Roku.


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