Plans For Downtown Jamestown Women’s Shelter Finalized 

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JAMESTOWN – The plan to build a new women’s shelter in Downtown Jamestown is being finalized.

Chautauqua Opportunities Director Josiah Lamp presented his proposal to Jamestown’s City Council this week.

“There are resources in our community already for men, and there are resources for domestic violence, and for runaway youth, but there’s a gap right now with those who are coming in homeless and for women specifically,” explained Lamp.

The proposed shelter will be located at 303 Lafayette Street in downtown Jamestown, being able to hold up to 18 women at any given time, with the goal of getting them back on their feet.

“The first and greatest need is to help them with finding new housing,” stated Lamp. “We have staff who are trained and do this regularly, who will be meeting with women, working with them one-on-one to find a new apartment.”

Other services that the shelter would provide will include financial, medical, and employment assistance.

Work could get underway in fall of 2022, with the project expected to be completed in July 2023.

Homelessness has always been an issue locally, but Lamp hopes that this will help fight the never-ending battle.

“We’d love to see fewer people who are homeless, but the reality is that for a long time there has been a trend for an increase in homelessness in our community,” explained Lamp. “So we need to step up and address that need in our community and provide a caring supportive environment for the women who are in that situation.”

$2.49 million dollars was allocated by New York State, with additional funds from the City of Jamestown to refurbish the multi-floor complex.

This project is separate from the work already underway by the UCAN Mission to expand their services by remodeling an old factory on North Main Street downtown.


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