New York DMV Unveils New Drivers Licenses, Permits, And Non-Driver ID Cards

ALBANY (WENY) – The New York DMV will begin issuing new driver license, permit, and non-driver ID cards that include upgraded security features.

DMV customers who apply for a new license or ID and those who renew or replace an existing document on or after today, will receive the new document.
The new security features are meant to verify that a license or permit is real and to prevent any kind of tampering.

Additionally, new features of the cards will make it easier to verify visually and by touch. This includes raised images, text that can be felt, as well as enhanced images that change when viewed at different angles.

Officials said the new DMV cards will be available to customers beginning today.

DMV last unveiled a new design in 2013, introducing the polycarbonate card with numerous elements aimed at preventing tampering, identity theft and fraudulent duplication.

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