In One Week Chautauqua County’s Average Gas Price Jumped 23 Cents

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JAMESTOWN – In one week’s time, the average price for a gallon of gasoline in Chautauqua County increased 23 cents.

AAA reports the average price for a gallon of gas in our area Monday is $4.37, up from $4.14 last Monday and $4.06 the week prior.

Some local stations in Jamestown, according to, posted prices even higher with the Kwik Fill station on East Fairmount Avenue selling fuel for $4.39.

New York State’s average price is $4.49 up 23 cents from last week. The national average price is $4.32, up 25 cents.

Sticker shock at the pump has many planning to make some changes. A new study from AAA found that 80-percent of all drivers surveyed said they would drive less to save on fuel.

A third of adult drivers under the age of 35 said they would be open to carpooling, with 68-percent of drivers saying they would rather save by combining errand and 53-percent of older Americans reporting they would cut back on shopping or dining out to save money on gas.


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