Sherman High School Has Trouble Finding A Charter Bus For Their Championship Game

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By Keelin Berrian

SHERMAN, NY (Erie News Now) – There isn’t anything worse than not being able to get something you deserve, and that’s what’s happening for the Sherman High School Girls Basketball team.

The Athletic Director, Cory Emory, is taking the blame for the issue because he didn’t want to look ahead in case a charter bus isn’t needed.

They’re on a time crunch because the game is this weekend. So, they’ve called multiple bus services in the area to reach dead ends.

A school bus is an option, but Superintendent Danielle O’Connor says they’re needed for school hours. They also reached out to services in Pennsylvania, but a 19-a form requirement excludes them from taking the team.

The ride to troy, New York, is quite a haul, and since their performance, this season has been off the charts, the school wanted to reward the girls with nicer transportation.


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