Maple Syrup Season Arrives In Chautauqua County

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SINCLAIRVILLE – It’s that time of the year when maple syrup is in season, and farmers all around the region are taking advantage of the weather to make the sweet nectar.

Sugarmaker Kurt Scott from Scott’s Farm and Greenhouse on Route 60 in Sinclairville is just one of the local providers that are showcasing their sugarhouses, and the lengthy process for making the sweet liquid from sap gathered from their own trees, during Maple Weekend.

“We have 12 thousand taps, in the woods all connected with lines, and we’re on a vacuum system so everything is sucked into the sugar house,” explained Scott. “From the sugar house it comes down here, we pump it down and then we go through the process of refining it down.”

The sap for maple syrup is often harvested on a 40 degree and sunny day after a cold night, ranking our area among the perfect spots for making maple syrup.

“Before the trees bud out, before they start growing their leaves, they flow sap up through the tree through the roots,” stated Scott. “And that’s what we’re harvesting.”

Scott also shared some interesting information about maple syrup like how it takes over 40 gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup among many other fun facts.

“It never goes bad,” explained Scott. “It may crystal, it may candy, but all you gotta do is boil it and it comes right back.”

If you think maple syrup is just for pancakes, Scott would likely disagree.

“You can cook with it, you can replace sugar with it,” stated Scott.

If you missed Maple Weekend don’t worry, the last weekend in March is also reserved for the golden sweetener.


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