New York State Senators Look To End Pain At The Pump

CBS 17 / YouTube

By Sam Shapiro

ALBANY, N.Y. (WENY) – Prices at the pump don’t appear to be dropping anytime soon across New York State. This March, New York State Senators Fred Akshar (R – 52nd)  and Peter Oberacker (R – 51st)  proposed a bill in the Senate that would suspend the state gas tax to temporarily provide relief.   

Drivers in New York pay a combined 65 cents roughly per gallon at the pump. Senators Fred Akshar and Peter Oberacker have introduced a bill that would temporarily suspend the federal, state, and local taxes paid through September 1st. Roughly half of that tax amount goes to the state of New York.

“That amounts to about 33 cents per gallon,” Akshan said. “It’s our position that we should offer a gas tax holiday for a series of months to provide New Yorkers some relief at the pump.”

Only 17 cents per gallon in gas taxes go towards capital projects, through the state’s Dedicated Highway Trust Fund. Among other provisions included in the bill, Senator Akshar says it would funnel more money towards completing those projects.

“Those moneys will be swept into the general fund and we have no idea what they’re being spent on,” Akshar said. “Part of this legislation introduced by senator Oberacker and I would ensure that a very specific amount of the money collected by way of tax goes to Dedicated Highway Trust Fund.”

Akshar’s bill has been referred to the budget and revenue Senate Committee. Additional information and the status of Akshan’s proposal can be viewed online.

Meanwhile, the Democrats in the State Legislature have put forth their proposal to save drivers money. It would cap the sale tax on gasoline at 25 cents per gallon. More details of their proposal can also be viewed online.


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