Chautauqua County Airports Looking For Community Support

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JAMESTOWN – A movement is underway to get more community support for the two airports in Chautauqua County, the first step is a pancake breakfast slated for this Saturday.

The day is meant for the public to learn more about the Chautauqua County Airports, and to mingle with business owners as well as the new airport manager Shannon Barnhart.

“We need to do better at letting the public know what’s going on out here,” explained Barnhart. “Some people don’t even know we have an airport and some people don’t know what’s going on.”

Barnhart says community support is vital to keep the Jamestown and Dunkirk airports going.

“I wish I could get people in here tomorrow,” stated Barnhart “But I think to start, get the pancake breakfast going, have people up here again.”

While the airports do not have commercial flights just yet, they are still operating each day, such as small aircraft repair, and even celebrity flights coming in.

“We right now are considered a general aviation airport in the FAA’s eyes,” stated Barnhart. “Although we still maintain our part 139 certificate which is wonderful, I hope we never lose that.”

Barnhart wants more community support for the area’s airports, so this pancake breakfast is just the beginning.

“I hope we can do a lot more of these activities for the community,” explained Barnhart. “In the future maybe some fly-ins or I’m even thinking about maybe a 5k up here or something to get the community involved.”

The $5 pancake event will be held at the Chautauqua County Airport at the Jamestown terminal building from 9 a.m. until 11 a.m. there will also be a raffle for a free 30-minute flight.


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