Law Firm Investigating Abuse Allegations At Silver Creek Elementary School

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SILVER CREEK – A Buffalo area law firm is investigating allegations of abuse towards elementary students at Silver Creek Central School.

District Superintendent Todd Crandall tells WNY News Now the Board of Education received a multi-page letter from an “individual” outlining student safety concerns.

Crandall says the district’s law firm, Webster Szanyi, was then contacted to investigate the allegations.

WNY News Now is working to independently obtain the letter, which has since been posted on social media drawing outrage and sincere concern from parents in the district.

Five students, whose name were redacted on the post, were “inhumanely and illegally locked or barricaded in an isolation cell” within the elementary school.

The document’s author, later identified by WNY News Now as Jay Hall an employee with the district, also outlined concerns that the administration did not timely respond to the allegations.

“I just learned within the past two weeks of the level of concern raised in that letter,” explained District Superintendent Todd Crandall when reached by telephone Wednesday night. “I began working with administration to review our protocols and our practices, I was not aware of all of the details in the letter, or the allegations.”

As for a timeline, Crandall hopes the probe will be complete by the end of the week. A report from the firm would be compiled, which he says the district will review and implement necessary “policy” changes, or take additional action to those involved if necessary.

Several parents are expected to meet with Hall, the letter’s author, during a meeting in Silver Creek on Thursday night. WNY News Now plans to attend to speak with parents and hear more from Hall about his concerns.



  1. I’d like to know why it isn’t an outside investigator. The district’s law firm isn’t impartial and they are only going to help with a coverup to protect the district at the very least it should be a panel investigating and taking the statements with at least 1 child psychologist on the panel. The State needs to get involved with this and it needs to be resolved post haste.

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