Jamestown’s National Comedy Center Spotlights Chucklesome Fun

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JAMESTOWN – April 1st is well known for the multitude of pranks pulled everywhere. If you need your humor filled for the chucklesome day, look no further than Jamestown’s own National Comedy Center.

Vice-President, Marketing and Communications Gary Hahn explains the significance of the prank filled day.

“I don’t know where April 1st became April Fools Day, but of course that’s a day when people like to joke around, and play pranks on family and friends,” explained Hahn.

One of the many exhibits in the National Comedy Center focus on how comedy, and humor, has a positive impact on the body. A power that Hahn believes in.

“There’s no question,” stated Hahn. “When you look at various medical studies that humor, that comedy can help people in all sorts of different ways and help their health.”

With all the stressors of the world today: health concerns, rising prices, and tensions worldwide,  a little humor is needed.

“Certainly after the past two years with the pandemic, there’s nothing better than laughter to take your mind off of other challenges,” explained Hahn.

So when finding a spot to relieve your comedic urge, Hahn touts the Comedy Center as the place to go.

“The National Comedy Center is a place to celebrate April 1st,” stated Hahn. “But really we’re a lot of fun any day.” 

The National Comedy Center is open Thursdays through Mondays 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. with a special opportunity for New York residents; free admission for kids and teens with an adult purchase.


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