We The People PA Request $250 Per Registered Vehicle To Help Pennsylvanians

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HARRISBURG, Pa. (Erie News Now) – In the halls of the capitol last week, We the People PA are requesting the legislature use over $3 billion in rescue plan money to fund direct aid to people and small businesses.

The group is requesting every car or light truck owner receive a $250 payment from the state.

This would cost the state $1.8 billion, and another $1.4 billion towards property tax rebates, the PA Opportunity Program and COVID relief for small business.

“It’s time to help families and businesses afford the higher cost of food, housing, childcare and gas,” said Nick Pressley of We the People PA. “We are here today to call in the general assembly to use American Rescue Plan funds.”

The General Assembly has not yet moved the idea forward.



  1. All these other states are helping the less fortunate with people on social security and low income people. The only thing the state of PA did was give more food stamps. People who bring in SS income of $1600.00 a month after their medical is taken don’t qualify for squat not even food stamps or help with medical and have a hard time making ends meet. How would you people like living off of $1600.00 a month and try to pay rent or mortgage your bills and then pay for food and if you have a car then you have that also along with insurance and co payments for medical and scripts. Tell me …could you do it? NO!!! For gods sake no one asked to be put on disability and if they find a job to make ends meet social security smacks your hand and either takes some away or takes it all away leaving you with still struggling. I see other states helping their senior citizens but God forbid Wolf helps anyone.He needs to start stepping up.I see more and more people leaving this state because of the hell wolf is putting everyone through especially with Taxes and tolls not to mention gas

    • I totally agree. We vote for these people but they do not help the ones that really needs it. Single mothers that works struggles too. All they focus on keep giving to low income. I sit back and look at my net pay trying figure out how my kids going eat after paying car payment, insurance, mortgage, utilities, etc. So now I have to figure out what bill I have to put on hold to make sure my kids are fed. Then when they send you delinquent notice telling you that there is help do you call or apply they still turn you away. So now I have to cut back on food and now they raise all food prices and only people that can afford it is the low income people. Did you guys ever thinks about families that can’t go out and spend $600 worth of food No you didn’t. So you can tell family they are not eligible for help but it’s okay to take food out my families to feed someone else’s family. Commonwealth States doesn’t think about anyone but themselves and low income people. Taking my tax dollars to help others that work less hours or don’t work and continue to have kids. From here in out my vote will be going to the Republicans. You guys need to get together and change those guidelines to benefit all including senior citizens.

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