Local Business Promotes Uniquely Curated Items

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STOW – A new local business has found a home in Chautauqua County. 

The owners of The Merry Oaks Mercantile, 3572 W Lake Rd, Ashville, NY, Ed Coverdale and Jason Fredrick, opened their first brick and mortar location last week. 

The entrepreneurial effort launched in November 2020.

“We looked for a brick and mortar location. This space happened to be available last summer, so we changed our business model to be brick and mortar and e-commerce,” says Fredrick.

So far, the owners say they have received a lot of positive feedback from customers, with those near and far enjoying the curated shopping experience.

“We are trying to also promote local businesses,” explains Fredrick. “So we are carrying some artwork, coffee from Crown Street Roasting Company, some other furniture pieces and wood pieces. Again to sort of bring local business to our center of commerce here.” 

The shop sources their products from free-trade, women owned, and eco friendly businesses. They also started to carry handmade postcards from Tiff Van Curen, a neighbor who came by the business to shop. Her husband Brandon says this is what makes The Merry Oaks Mercantile unique. 

“They’re getting back to basics, they are looking out for the smaller person, the smaller business, trying to take care of that person, and showcase them,” explained Van Curen. 

Other local artists or entrepreneurs are encouraged to reach out, to see if their product is a good fit for the shop.

“We’re encouraging and helping other people with their small business and being supportive of each other. I don’t feel like necessarily that we’re in competition with other people and I don’t feel like they’re in competition with us,” says Coverdale. 

The store carries unique items, such as bouquet pop-up cards and fox lamps. However, the owners plan to only purchase small quantities of each item. When they sell out, they will choose new items to replace them. 

Items are also available to purchase online to be shipped or for curbside pickup at www.themerryoaks.com.


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