Rising Grocery Prices, Customers Feeling The Squeeze At Supermarket Checkout

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HORSEHEADS, N.Y. (WENY) – Many Americans have been suffering from sticker shock in the grocery aisle. One local supermarket owner tells us what he is doing to help customers avoid feeling the pinch in their pockets. 

The owner of Jubilee Foods in Horseheads says food prices have jumped nearly 7%. And he understands customers are feeling the squeeze when at the supermarket checkout.

“We are doing everything we can so that customers don’t feel the shock in their wallets,” Marks said.

From Advil to ziti and everything in between prices are going up. David Marks, the owner of Jubilee Foods in Horseheads explains they have seen increases in more than a thousand items over the past four weeks, and these problems span across the supermarket industry across the globe.

“We know it’s a struggle for the consumer and it’s a struggle for us to have to raise prices but we are doing things to counteract that,” Marks said.

In an effort to help the store is absorbing some of the costs.

” I had the opportunity to print these tags, again this is an item we lowered by twenty cents from what they are recommending so if we could save the customer twenty to thirty cents on an item in the store when it comes in we’re going to do that,” Marks said.

He is seeing an increase in items that are packaged in aluminum but also seeing an even higher increase in items like meats.

“You’ll see a lot of increases in beef and chicken right now. Produce unfortunately will take spikes because of the shelf life,” Marks said.

He blames the price hikes on various factors like supply chain issues and labor shortages. And those problems are leading to some items becoming harder to get.

“With less availability, the prices go up, unfortunately, now getting it to the store with increases in fuel has increased the prices on everything. And with COVID people never did catch up, companies and all that they just couldn’t get enough labor and again to refill the supply we’ve been missing for the last two years makes it difficult,” Marks said.

And there’s a problem just around the corner facing the meat and dairy departments he explained.

“There is bird flu going around so you are seeing a shortage of chicken and eggs,” Marks said.

These problems are happening at stores nationwide and in other parts of the world. So what can you do to help ease some of the costs? Marks had some tips to help save you money.

He says you should pay close attention to the ads, stick to what you need, and take advantage of discounts offered by any reward programs or cards.


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