Americans Fly To Poland, Deliver Supplies For Ukraine

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – As the war in Ukraine continues, we are sharing never before seen footage of our crew’s coverage while they were in Poland for nearly two weeks.

Our crews hit the ground running when they landed in Warsaw, Poland. They chased down leads and followed stories in Poland and at the Ukraine border.

Some of those stories even had a connection to our hometowns. Before our crew left the States, they met people at the airport who were ready to help Ukraine’s soldiers.

“I’m heading to Warsaw, Poland and going to try to bring some supplies that my friends are going to try to bring into Ukraine to help the soldiers,” said William Ehart.

We met Ehart in the airport terminal. He’s with the organization United Helping Ukraine. He is traveling with roughly ten suitcases full of humanitarian relief. He arranged for people to pick up his supplies at his hotel in Warsaw and then bring it to a warehouse where they were making runs to cities in Ukraine like L’viv and Kiev.

“Things that soldiers really need to jump up and down and run around like knee pads, sleeping bags and special bandages like for big wounds,” said Ehart.

He said British ex-military members helped sort through his bags. They pulled out bandages used for soldiers if they’re seriously injured as well as some knee pads for the soldiers.

It’s not Ehart’s first time making a trip like this. When Russia invaded Crimea a few years ago, Ehart did a similar humanitarian trip to help Ukraine back then, too.

Many of you have been reaching out to us and asking how you can help the refugees. At Erie News Now, we are helping Global Empowerment Mission raise funds to send hygiene kits, medical supplies, food and other aid to help Ukrainian refugees.


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